Nozie Slimming Tea


Guaranteed weight loss in four weeks! 

100% Effective and Safe.

All natural, no additives, caffeine free tea.

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Nozie Slimming Tea is a unique antioxidant formula made from organic tea plants to overcome overweight and burn excess fat problem (obesity). It contains aromatic compounds which can dissolve fat and stop lipids accumulating in the body. Nozie Slimming Tea reduces, tightens large flabby bellies, burn excessive fat and detoxifies the intestinal tract. In addition, the blend of natural plants has an unequaled efficacy with guarantee quick weight loss.

Health & weight loss benefits of drinking our slimming tea

  •  Cleansing and detoxifying your intestinal tract.
  •  It will help you lose weight, burn excess fat & reach your True Weight faster or help maintain it once you reach Stabilization.
  • Restores natural balance and harmony (relieving constipation).
  • Supports healthy cortisol levels as Nozie Herbal Tea is nourishing to the adrenal glands.
  • Reduces stomach bloat as it rids your body of impacted fecal matter.

For best result, consumers should watch their diet and avoid late meals. Consumers should also eat vegetables and fruits regularly and avoid oily, fried, fatty foods and others considered unhealthy.

A pack of Nozie Slimming Tea contains 25 teabags.

As this tea is a guaranteed weight loss in four weeks, it is recommended to boil four teabags in two liters of water and consume it in a day to achieve the desired weight loss in four weeks.


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