Hypertension Regulating Tea

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Hypertension Regulating Tea play a key role in normalizing your blood pressure and preventing potential damage to the heart, brain, eye and kidney.


Hypertension Regulating Tea (Antihypertensive Tea) is a natural remedy which helps brings your blood pressure to normal and maintain it.

Blood pressure is the force of the blood against the Arterial walls. You have High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) when your blood pressure is consistently at 149/90mmHg or higher. Normally, the systolic pressure (the first numbers) should be less than 120 and the diastolic pressure (the second numbers) should be less than 80.

Indication Of Nozie Antihypertensive Tea

Nozie Hypertension Regulating Tea also known as Antihypertensive Tea play a key role in normalizing your blood pressure and preventing potential damage to the heart, brain, eye and kidney. It is important to know that this Nozie Antihypertensive Tea normalize your blood pressure quickly whether it is too high without any adverse side effects.

Other Benefits of Drinking Nozie Hypertension Regulating Tea

Reduce Aging process

Boost Immunity

Burn cholesterol 

Enhance sedative effects

Reduce stress & Insomnia

Improves nervous system performance

Improves endocrine system performance


NOTE: Before making changes to your diet, meditations or lifestyle, please consult your physician.


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24 reviews for Hypertension Regulating Tea

  1. Agboola bosede

    I need ur products am in ondo state

    • NozieTea

      You can get our products in Ondo State from Mrs Lola Oshowo 08032816791 our representative

  2. Danladi Allagoi

    I am in Bauchi, where can I get your product on hypertension

    • NozieTea

      Mr Danladi you can get our Nozie Hypertension Regulating Tea at Gifatu Supermarket Bauchi

  3. Abdullahi. M

    Where can I get the product in kaduna?

    • NozieTea

      Mr Abdullahi you can get our products from our Rep Mr Innocent 08032750292 in Kaduna

  4. sani Ayuba

    l am in Jigawa,how do i get the product

    • NozieTea

      Good day Mr Sani, sorry we don’t have an outlet for our products yet in Jigawa, but if Jifatu Supermarkets is in Jigawa state, then you can get it there

  5. Alaowei Jombo

    Where in Lagos could one get it?

    • NozieTea

      Mr Jombo you can get our products at the Tea markets in Balogun market Trade fair or Oke ari Market Lagos Island

  6. maasempo

    From where I can get hypertension tea in ibadan.?

    • NozieTea

      To get Nozie Hypertension Regulating Tea in Ibadan call our Rep there Mr Wilson 07026091482.
      Thanks and have a good day

  7. Nony

    Started taking this tea last night and this morning. Being feeling some jigi-jigi all over my body; I hope it’s doing as it says on the pack. Will return and give it its full deserved 5 star if it works fine.
    Also, I have been experiencing serious pains in my nerves, after blood test it was stated that I have gout (disease of the kings). That is what resulted to my Arteries thereby stressing my BP. Taken allopurinol which just makes me drowsy and weak, with little effect. I pray this tea works by God’s grace. I stay in Abuja and got mine from grand square.

    • NozieTea

      That’s good Ma’am… Nozie Hypertension Regulating Tea is worth trying, it has no side effect or contraindications and we believe it will work for you just as it’s working for many of our customers.
      Please explain what is the meaning of the jigi-jigi you were feelings this morning. Also This tea can help patients with gout.
      Allow the Tea bag inside the boiled water for a little longer… The longer the Tea stay in the water, the more it brews. We hope to hear from you soonest with our 5stars rating

  8. Nony

    @NozieTea, for the jigi-jigi, i meant to say a tingling sensation. lol. sorry to say. thanks alot for the quick reply and further expalnations

  9. Racha

    Hi Nony,
    Have you experienced any decrease in your blood pressure?

  10. Labaran Abalaka

    These are innovative products. I hope availability can be guaranteed at all times. Thank you.

    • NozieTea

      Yes Sir Labaran, we are earnestly working hard to make our products available at all time

  11. Nelson

    Pls where can I get your products in Akure Ondo state

    • NozieTea

      Good day Sir, presently you can Nozie Tea from our Rep Mrs Oshowo 08032816791 in Ondo. Let us know when you get it

  12. Jimoh

    Where can I get your tea in Ado-Ekiti

    • NozieTea

      You can place your order online and we send it to you

  13. Madon

    I haven’t used this tea so I am. Keeping the stars at 3 but will definitely upgrade if need be. I am on anti hypertensive drugs.
    Can I combine both?
    Are this products available in Enugu?
    I love the range of products and I pray they will work perfectly.also I must commend u guys on the packaging, it sure can contest anywhere!
    Keep up the good work.

    • NozieTea

      Good day Madon,
      Thanks for the compliments, we are working earnestly hard to be the best in our packaging standard and efficacy of our products.
      Yes you can take the Tea alongside your orthodox drugs, no contraindications. Some customers take it with their pharmaceutical drugs, some take Nozie Hypertension Regulating Tea alone and they all achieve their desired result.
      Call our Rep Mr Okoli 08090797047 in Enugu for any of our product.
      We are hopeful our products will work for you.


  14. OLAYIWOLA lukman

    Good day sir how can I get HBP tea in osogbo osun state this my number 08032420727 TANKS

    • NozieTea

      You can purchase online, we ship nationwide

  15. Collins

    Just purchased Nozie hypertension tea in Jos. This is my 2nd day of taking the tea. Am hopeful I’ll get normal BP reading soon. However, how long does it take to normalize mild to moderate hypertension? For now I selected two star rating since I just started using the product.

  16. Omoaka Olusola

    How effective is the tea?

  17. Cletus Ajegba

    May I know the composition of the hypertension regulating tea?

  18. DAFLE

    where can i get your product, i leave in Gombe state thank you.

  19. DAFLE

    Hw can in get your product,i leave in Gombe state thanks.

  20. Ben

    Good, I just started with the Prostate tea. So far, so good

  21. Precious ebere

    I need your BP tea

    • NozieTea

      You can purchase online we deliver nationwide

  22. Mia

    Je viens de commencer le thé Nozie ma tension me fatigait beaucoup. Je ne suis pas encore sous traitement j’espère beaucoup de ce thé. Merci

  23. Omowunmi felix

    I order for hypertension regulating tea but d price am seeing is different i bought it 20k

  24. Ausry

    Please where can I get here in uyo..I bought the 1st pack in Abuja at sahad stores..hubby likes it so much.

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