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Zobo Drink Health Benefits Side Effects [Hibiscus Tea]

Hibiscus Tea benefits

Health Benefits & Side Effects of Zobo Drink also known as Hibiscus Tea or Red Tea.

Hibiscus which is the core ingredient in preparation of Zobo Drink is the calyces of the hibiscus plant known to grow mostly in tropical and subtropical regions. Every part of the hibiscus plant the seeds, stem, leaves and flower have been used for traditional  medicine.


Red Tea popularly known as Zobo in Nigeria is made from Rosalle, scientific name Hibiscus sabdariffa. The red calyces of this plant is what is used in preparing zobo drink. Rosalle are not leaves, flowers or fruits of the plant but calyces. The calyx content high amount of iron, Vitamin C, calcium, niacin, riboflavin and contains no caffeine.

Health Benefits of Zobo Drink (Hibiscus Tea)

Hibiscus Tea Health Benefits

Sweetened Zobo is a natural soft drink often used as an alternative in occasion for entertaining. In the other hand you may not know that you are contributing greatly to the health of your guest. Drinking Hibiscus Tea has been scientifically proven to have lots of health and nutritional benefits.

Pregnancy and Hibiscus Drink (Zobo Tea)

The hibiscus plant bright pink flowers is colored because of the high level of antioxidants in the plant. Antioxidants generally are beneficial to pregnant women, but consuming high amount of hibiscus tea or Zobo Drink during the first trimester of pregnancy is not good due to the hormonal activity the plant can influence.


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Traditional Uses of Zobo Tea (Hibiscus Drink)

Traditionally, hibiscus tea is used for the treatment of various digestive disorders, Hypertension, diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, stress relief, Insomnia and even cancer. A brew of Zoboo Red Tea can help detoxify the blood and fight several infectious organisms.

Zoboo Red Tea which also contains ginger help resolve sore throat, coughs, heart problems, scurvy and hypertension. Clinical trials conducted in the University of Nigeria Nsukka back up the use of Nigerian Hibiscus Tea in treatment of hypertension.

Zobo Drink For Cough

A lot of people use this drink as a home remedy for cough because of the extremely high amount of the Vitamin C. For those who lack Vitamin C, it is advised to take Zobo Tea regularly instead of the pharmaceutical Vitamin C tablet. The tea does not only cures cough, it also helps boost your immune system.  Inhaling the hot steam the from Zoboo Red Tea also helps open airways and loosen congestion in the nostrils.

Zoboo Red Tea

Zobo Drink For Hypertension

Clinical studies carried out in Germany proves that hibiscus tea is more effective in bringing down the Blood Pressure compared to the pharmaceutical drugs because it has no side effects. Also another study on Hibiscus sabdariffa L. in the treatment of hypertension and hyperlipidemia conducted in the University Of Nigeria Nsukka provides more evidence that Tea made from Hibiscus calyxes such as Zoboo Red Tea can be used traditionally to treat hypertension and hyperlipidemia with no side effect on low dose.

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More Health Benefits Of Zobo Drink a.k.a Hibiscus Tea

Zobo is a very healthy drink which helps in treating lots of health problems and helps our Mind and body to relax. Here are some more health benefits of drinking hibiscus tea:

  • Promoting the growth of our DHA.
  • Anti aging.
  • Cures Insomnia.
  • Prevents urinary tract inflammation and kidney inflammation.
  • Fixing body metabolism and slowing down menopause.
  • Eradicating TBC virus.
  • Helps our digestive system.
  • Aids weight loss.
  • Increasing our stamina and immunity system.
  • Detoxify the body.
  • Decreases blood pressure, cholesterol and uric acid.
  • Resolving cough, mouth ulcer and sore throat.
  • Help relieve migraine.
  • Smoothing our skin and reducing wrinkles

Zobo Drink

Hibiscus Tea (Zobo Drink) Side Effect

Despite the numerous health benefits of zobo, there are some side effects associated with this popular drink, as they say everything that has an advantage also has its disadvantages. Here are some side effects of Hibiscus Tea:

Overdose Of Vitamin C

Hibiscus Tea contains 20 times more vitamin C than that in tomato, orange and chili put together. Hence, drinking too much of your favorite drink hibiscus tea may give you specific uncomfortable disturbance in your stomach, like stomach aches, diarrhoea and vomit.

Lowering Of Blood Pressure

People with Low blood pressure are strongly advised not to drink Zobo Tea. According to research, individuals who drink hibiscus tea on a daily basis have a blood pressure drop by 7.2 points.

Hallucination Effect

Zobo Drink which is quite the opposite of Caffeine can decrease your concentration and focus, making you feel light headed and sleepy. So be careful driving after drinking the Hibiscus Tea for the first time.

Lowers Estrogen Level

Consumption of much of Hibiscus Tea has been shown to reduce estrogen level, so those with low estrogen ore advised not to frequently drink Zobo.

Hibiscus Tea and Pregnancy

Expectant mothers are advised not to drink Zobo Tea during the first trimester of pregnancy because Zobo Tea reduces the estrogen level in the body.

Although there are no research to confirm if the hibiscus can affect the fetus. But boycotting hibiscus tea in general during your pregnancy might be a good idea for precaution sake.

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Where To Buy Hibiscus Tea [Zobo Drink]

You can buy the dried calyxes of Hibiscus in the market most especially in Northern part of Nigeria, combined with any other ingredients of your choice such as Ginger, Cloves, Cinnamon, Sweeteners and flavors, you can make your own Zobo Drink.

Also you can get the best of Hibiscus Tea in Nigeria from Nozie Tea, the Trusted Name in Health Tea. We have two brands of Hibiscus Tea, which are:

1. Zoboo Red Tea

Hibiscus Tea

This product contains contains selected best species Hibiscus calyxes, Ginger and Viscum album rightly combined and hygienically packed in enveloped tea bags. It is a natural alternative to artificially made energy drink.

2. SweeTea Zobo Drink

Zobo Tea

The 20 enveloped tea bag is made from selected species of Hibiscus calyxes combined with ginger, cloves, flavour and sweetener to give you the Zobo experience you will always remember. You may not need to add sweeteners to this Tea, just brew and drink!

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