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Proven Health Benefits of Neem (Dogon Yaro) Azadirachta indica

Neem leaves
Neem leaves


Neem tree also known as dogon yaro in Hausa have been called several names like “The TREE of LIFE”, “The Magical Evergreen Tree” and so on due to its numerous proven health benefits making it indispensable in PHARMACEUTICALS, COSMETICS, TOILETRIES, DIETS, HERBAL MEDICINE, e.t.c.

The leaves, bark, flowers, seeds, twigs, roots and wood of neem may have similar or unique health benefits making every part of this wonderful plant useful.

Some of Nozie Tea contains neem

Proven Health Benefits of Neem

🌲 High Blood Pressure: It stabilizes the blood pressure by relaxing erratic heart beats. Drinking herbal tea containing NEEM and it’s extract normalizes hypertension. Check out our new Anti-hypertensive Tea.

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🌲 Cardiac Problems: Infusion of tea like Detox Bitter Tea which contains neem in hot water when taken dilates blood vessels, removes bad sugars and toxins from the blood, detoxify the whole body, improves blood circulation and balances heart pumping rates

🌲 Cancers: Neem leaves are very rich in antioxidants which help prevent growth of malignant cells causing cancers. It is also effective against developing cancers. Our Mistletoe tea have also yielded tremendous results against cancer and can be used with neem leaves to produce a stronger synergistic effect.

🌲 Eczema : Neem leaves are dried and burnt on red hot charcoal which is then used to cover eczema infected skin.

🌲 Digestion: Take teas of neem leaves or barks to treat digestive problems.

🌲 Pesticides/Insecticide: Collect and pound some handful of neem seeds then add water, mash and filter out solution with a clean sieve. Apply solution to crops by spraying.

🌲 Contraceptive: Neem have been proved to block the production of sperm cells (spermatogenesis) and therefore can be used as a natural contraceptive without affecting the production of testosterone. This is ideal for natural, affordable and readily available birth control. Neem oil can be use as a spermicide when applied deep in the vagina (intravaginally) before sexual intercourse to prevent pregnancy

🌲 Typhoid & Malaria: Ever golden tea which contains Neem leaves is an effective cure for Typhoid and Malaria (fevers).

Anti thyphoid and malaria tea
Anti thyphoid and malaria tea

🌲 Psoriasis: Oil extracted from Neem works miraculously on psoriasis. It gets rid of the itches and irritation while moisturizing the skin preventing dryness and itching

🌲 Beautiful & Glowing Skin: Neem leaves made into a paste can be applied regularly to the skin for smooth glowing skin. It can be combined with tumeric and cucumbers for better results. This mixture can be applied on the face when going to bet for skin brightening effect. Smashed neem leaves can be used as a skin scrub against skin infections, rashes, dryness, e.t.c.

🌲 Chronic Wounds & Ulcers: Tea containing neem or paste of neem leaves and tumeric is used to heal chronic wounds and ulcers

🌲 Liver Health: Edible Neem flowers detoxify, heals and protect the liver against cancers and many diseases that may confront it.

🌲 Muscles and Joint pains: Tea from leaves and flowers jointly boiled is a good detoxifier and anti-inflammatory.

🌲 Cholesterol:Neem Leaves or tea lowers cholesterol.

🌲 Neem bark is effective in the treatment of gastritis and ulcers.

🌲 Chicken pox: Regularly drink tea containing neem leaves and also take regular baths with it to prevent or cure chicken pocks.

🌲 other benefits include: Skin tonning, against sore throats, painkiller, antibiotics, hair treatment, burns, mouth diseases, nail diseases, piles/ haemorrhoids, delays signs of ageing, poisonous bites/ stings, leprosy, toothache, blackheads, e.t.c.

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