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How To Flatten Belly And Detox The Body In Less Than 1 Week [Weight Loss Tips]

Today, we will give you a simple natural detox diet plan that will help you lose belly fat and flush out toxins from the body, improve metabolism, and aid general body weight loss. If you follow these diet tips coupled with drinking 5 Cups of Nozie Slimming Tea daily, you will to get rid of belly fat and loss weight in less than 1 week.

Quick Slimming Tea

Nozie Slimming Tea

Although there are many ways to detoxify your body effectively and help you deal with this problem of belly fat and shed those unwanted pounds naturally in less than a week. Basically, a detox diet plan will help you flush out toxins from the body, improve digestion and metabolism, and aid weight loss. It will also give you glowing skin and lustrous hair.

Detox Tea

Detox Bitter Tea

In this post Nozie Tea doctors gives you simple and safe 7-step detox diet plan to melt your belly fat and cleanse your system of toxins naturally in very little time, perhaps less than 1 week

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7 Steps To Burn Belly Fat & Detox Your Body

1. Kickstart your day with Lemon water or Tea.

Start your day with a glass of warm water mixed with freshly squeezed lemon juice first thing every morning or Pure Lemon Tea, like our Nozie Lemon Ginger Tea which is a pure combination of organic lemon and ginger with no artificial flavor or coloring. This is a perfect detox elixir. This drink will act as a magic potion which helps in clearing the stomach of remnants from digested food, remove toxins from the body and boost digestion and metabolism.

Pure Lemon Ginger Tea

Pure Lemon Ginger Tea

Citrus fruits like lemons, lime and grapefruit are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants that are known to help reduce belly fat and aid weight loss.

2. Low-calorie breakfast

Low calories food

After starting your morning with lemon water or Lemon Ginger Tea, fuel your body with food that can help you de-bloat. When you’re on a body-cleansing diet, it is suggested to opt for protein and skip or limit carbohydrate intake. A protein-rich breakfast will increase satiety and keep you feeling full for longer time. Include some low-calorie fruits to have a complete hearty breakfast. For instance, an egg-and-salmon scramble is a perfect combo of protein.View Some Low Calories Foods Here

3. Take High-fibre Food for lunch

Most of the foods we eat in this part of the world are often oily and sugar-laden, disrupting your weight loss efforts or even make you add weight within a short span of time. Now is the time to focus on fibre-rich organic fruits and green, leafy veggies rather than consuming processed and junk food. Limit your intake of oil, salt and sugar to the barest minimum. Fruits and vegetables such as berries, pears, melon, oranges, broccoli, and carrots are excellent sources of fibre, which keeps your digestive system healthy and helps to prevent constipation. Foods rich in fibre are so filling and help with weight loss in the process.

4. Drink Afternoon Tea

Have a cup of Zoboo Red Tea or Green Tea with or without your healthy afternoon snack – this one is important. These teas are rich in antioxidants, Red Tea boost energy, detoxify the body, help burn belly fat and aid the liver with digestion while green tea can help fight diseases and also aid digestion. These teas can boost your metabolism and help you increase the body’s efficiency for burning calories.

Studies have shown that green tea catechins can promote weight loss and reduce belly fat.

5. Healthy Evening Snack

Mixed snacks

Often time we forget to prepare and eat a healthy snack, which is so crucial when doing a body-cleansing. There are plenty of healthy snacks that can help you lose weight – mixed nuts are an ideal nutritious evening snack to add to your weight loss diet. Mixed nuts are rich in healthy fats and can be carried to the workplace.

Several studies suggest that eating nuts in moderation can help you lose weight, reduce the risk of heart disease and may even prevent certain cancers.

6. Light dinner

Light dinner

Yes! you heard me right – early light dinner is a great way to stay hale and hearty. It improves your digestive system and boosts metabolism. This means you are more likely to lose weight and keep it off. You would surely want to add a bowl of slimming soup to your detox dinner routine. Perhaps, there’s no better way of flushing away body fat, than having a bowl of vegetable soup that is light, nutritious and can keep you feeling full for longer.

7. Water

Turns out, there’s nothing better and healthier than water when it comes to cleansing your body. Make sure you drink plenty of calorie-free water to stay hydrated, remove impurities from your body and improve metabolism. Water may help decrease hunger you feel before meals and increase the feeling of fullness after a meal, thereby aiding in weight loss.

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Teas That Will Help You Lose Weight & Burn Belly Fat Speedily

Scientific research has shown these teas to have a very speedy effect on weight loss and burning of belly fat when taken regularly:

1. Nozie Slimming Tea

2. Lemon Ginger Tea

3. Turmeric Ginger Tea

4. Mistletoe Tea

5. Green Tea

6. Detox Bitter Tea

In Addition

While it’s extremely important to clean up your diet, you must sweat it out to flush out toxins all on its own. Remember, exercising is a way of saying yes to a healthy and fit body.

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