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Health Benefits Drinking Mistletoe Tea

Mistletoe is a parasitic plant that grows on other trees, therefore, its medicinal properties differs depending on the host plant. This broad acting yet calming natural tea is a regenerative aid to many health issues. It is used for both preventive and curative purpose depending on the mode of administration.

Mistletoe Tea work perfectly without any known side effect. There are many health benefits drinking Mistletoe Tea with scientifically proven result.

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Mistletoe Life Tea
Nozie Mistletoe Tea

AS FOOD:- Mistletoe Life Tea which is known as a medicinal tea can be taken as your regular beverage any time of the day for maximum benefits it can be sweetened with Honey, Cinnamon and lemon as desired. Taking Mistletoe Tea as your regular beverage will improve your overall health.

TO BOOST IMMUNITY:- A combination of Mistletoe Tea and Pure Honey fortifies the immune system against all illness.

NORMALIZE BLOOD PRESSURE:- Mistletoe Tea is a truly amazing tea which has the ability to balance the blood pressure, bringing it to normal whether it is too high or too low within 7 days. It is strongly recommended for stroke. Dosage:- A cup 3 times daily

INSOMNIA:- Drinking warm Mistletoe Tea about 30 minutes before bedtime will give you a very good sleep.

ULCER:- Studies on Mistletoe Life Tea show that it is best cure for all kinds of Ulcer within 21 days. Dosage:- Drink a cup of warm Mistletoe Life Tea 3 times daily.

NORMALIZE BLOOD CIRCULATION:- This tea is the best preventive measure for heart diseases, circulatory complains and arteriosclerosis. The effect of this tea works by strengthening the heart muscles and making the blood vessels more elastic.

Mistletoe Tea CupCANCER:- Mistletoes is being used in Europe to make Iscador, the cancer therapy due to the many antioxidants Mistletoe contains. Mistletoe Life Tea being one of the best species of Mistletoes works perfectly as a therapy for cancer.

MENSTRUAL PROBLEM:- With its blood circulation normalizing ability, Mistletoe Tea can normalize menstrual flow, alleviate menstrual pain. In addition, it can be used to relieve uterine disorder, chronic cramps and improve fertility. Dosage:- Drink warm Mistletoe Tea.

MENOPAUSE:- Menopausal women should drink Mistletoe Tea to reduce symptoms like anxiety, hot flushes, abnormal circulation, breathing difficulty, hormonal imbalance and heart palpitation.

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.• Improve Nervous System & Endocrine System Performance

• Reduce Chronic Fatigue Symptoms

• Regulate Metabolism

• Reduce Menopausal Problems

• Reduction of Stress

Click Here For More On Health Benefits drinking Mistletoe Tea

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