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Dear Nigerians, Eat Less Of These Imported Food, You’ll Live Long by Okoroafor Uju

Last week, I saw an article where people were arrested in China for trying to export drugs made with remains of aborted babies.

They keep the dead bodies in the fridge, later they dry it in the oven, pound it to powder form and use them to make capsules.

Do you know the most annoying part?
These drugs contains so much bacteria’s and there is no proof it actually cures the ailment they claim it does.

What am I trying to say?
The earlier we stop consuming many of these imported stuffs, the better for us.

We don’t know what these foods have been injected or sprayed with.
We don’t even know what these foreign drugs are made with.

December is fast approaching. Its a time we consume many foreign foods.
If we can manage to eat less of these imported poisons, we will live longer.

Many of these foods are the reason why Africans are now so sick.
We didn’t use to have cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and the other very common illnesses of the 21st century.

Our parents planted, they ate of the soil.
It nourished their skin.
It gave then longevity.

Nozie Zoboo Red Tea
Zoboo Red Tea

It is high time we reduce the amount of foreign substances we consume.
Especially, chicken, meat and farm produce.

I have a relative that used to work in one of the big malls in Lagos and she told me of the different preservatives and chemicals they use to preserve chicken, fruits and vegetables.
I was shocked!

This Christmas season, if you can, buy live chicken.
Home grown.
It is for your own good.

Have a healthy Christmas.

Written by: Okoroafor Uju Christabell

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