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7 Proven Health Benefits Of Mistletoe Tea

Health Benefits Mistletoe Tea


In the western world, mistletoe is associated with Christmas traditions, but many do not know that Mistletoe had a variety of uses beyond stealing a Christmas kiss?  In fact, mistletoe has a number of potential health benefits and a long tradition of use for its ability to treat  cancer, prevent diabetes, soothe respiratory distress, calm the nervous system, lower blood pressure, promote good sleep, eliminate inflammation, increase immune system activity, reduce snoring, and decrease menstrual pain.

Here we will consider 7 Proven Health Benefits Of Mistletoe Tea made from the locust bean mistletoe.


  • Mistletoe Tea Lowers Blood Pressure

Millions of people are affected by hypertension putting them at risk of heart disease and strokes. While this isn’t the most commonly praised health benefits Mistletoe Tea, this tea has a very good effect on the blood pressure.

The tendency of Mistletoe Tea to reduce the blood pressure can further help prevent strokes, heart attacks, and coronary heart diseases. It also helps to slow the pulse, which also helps to reduce the exertion of the heart. Mistletoe Tea also ease the stress and strain on the cardiovascular system, prevent atherosclerosis or the build-up of plaque in the arteries which can cause many dangerous and life threatening heart conditions.


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  • Mistletoe Tea Treats Cancer

When it comes to the potential health benefits of Mistletoe Tea, its health benefits in treating cancer is arguably the most important and widely studied. The effects of mistletoe on cancer are manifold. Some studies have focused on its anticancer properties while others on Mistletoe’s ability to improve quality of life and reduce symptoms during and after chemotherapy which can be exhausting and painful.

Presently, Mistletoe is already widely used in Europe as part of a cancer treatment regimen. In certain types of cancer, it has been found that Mistletoe can cause apoptosis (programmed cell death) in cancer cells. Subsequent research has connected mistletoe tea to a higher overall quality of life for patients, tumor shrinkage, and healthier blood counts. For this health benefit alone, it should be on your radar!

  • Mistletoe Tea Prevents Diabetes

Mistletoe has a long history of traditional use and several animal studies have already demonstrated its anti-diabetic potential. Research has shown it does have the ability to lower blood glucose levels and can stimulated insulin production in pancreatic cells. Mistletoe Tea is commonly prescribed as a natural remedy for those suffering from diabetes.

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  • Mistletoe Tea Eases Menstrual Distress

If you suffer from excessive cramps and menstrual pain, Mistletoe Tea is a is a wonderful natural option to ease your symptoms. You can brew a strong mistletoe tea, which soothe muscular spasms and reduce inflammation as well as having a positive calming impact on your mind.


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  • Mistletoe Tea Calms Nervous System

Mistletoe Tea has been traditionally used for its calming properties and its ability to treat nervous disorders like epilepsy, tremors and tics, anxiety, restless sleep. If you suffer from these or other physical/mental symptoms, a brew of Mistletoe Tea can act as a complete nervine tonic for the body, lowering stress hormone levels, and bringing your nerves down to a manageable level.


  • Mistletoe Tea Boosts Immune System

One of the greatest health benefits of mistletoe is its ability to bolster immunity and protect against further illness. This is one reason why Mistletoe Tea is being used as a complimentary cancer treatment. A strong immune system is absolutely vital to our overall health and the antibacterial, antioxidant, and antiviral capacity of Mistletoe Tea has the potential to improve our body’s natural defenses.

  • Mistletoe Tea Eliminates Inflammation

For hundreds of years, Mistletoe Tea has been traditional uses was to treat internal and external bouts of inflammation including arthritis and other joint pains.

Arthritis is probably the most common form of inflammation and drinking mistletoe tea may be the perfect remedy to ease your pain and improve your mobility. This anti-inflammatory capacity of Mistletoe can be good for digestion and gastrointestinal issues as well.

Benefits of mistletoe

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