Good morning Tea Nozie


NOZIE TEA a division of Quails Manna Natural Remedies Int’l Ltd located in Nigeria, professional company with more than 20 years of experience dedicated in the development, production and supply of original health tea concepts for national and international customers in the retail and out-of-home market.

Nozie brings you the best selected organic herbs naturally grown in Africa. Our brands of Tea are proven to heal, prevent diseases and improve your general well-being. Our Tea contains no artificial flavour, no animal products, no synthetic ingredients, no or less caffeine. It is a 100% pure and natural herbs.

Our mission is to change and fascinate the traditional health tea market with new, surprising and innovative tea concepts. But also mindful enjoyment by supplying NAFDAC, NIPRD, SON and other standard organization certified teas.We believe in having a close business relationship with our customers. With passion for tea, enthusiasm, social engagement and partnership we emphasize on doing successful business in a friendly atmosphere.

So take up the challenge with us and get inspired by the many wonderful tea products we can offer.

Welcome to the Nozie Tea side of Life.